Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sew Simple skirt pattern!

So I stumbled upon a really adorable person in the blog-sphere.

Her name is Stephanie and she lives in Arizona- I think.

Here she is modeling how to use ribbon as a belt.

Pretty adorable- no? That is an easy accessory!

Here is a picture of a sew simple skirt for she and her daughter made together.
you can find a free- pattern {here}

there is a better picture at Stephanie's site: it's a cute elastic waist skirt.

I've asked Stephanie to guest post some of her ideas.

She is amazing- I've crusied her blog and she knows how to sew!
plus she is a delight and enjoys her life

- I love reading blogs written by genuine people.

Here is her tutorial on how to hem jeans- very clever!

Let's cross our fingers and hope she wants to be friends.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Explore your inner Fashionista!

Shabby Apple- is having a dress design contest.
Check it out here.

I love the concept and goal of Shabby Apple- their goal is to create and provide modest/fashionable clothes for (young) women.

I love that they give consumers (you and me) an opportunity to design one of their dresses! How cool is that!

Be sure to check out the details HERE.

** if you don't have a blog- don't fret. I will be happy to post your dress sketch/idea on this blog for you. just email me your dress design with the required information. ( your idea of what kind of fabric and colors your dress would be made out of ... )

Then it will be up to YOU to click on the post title
go up to the http: address bar and copy
and paste the blog post address to YOUR dress...
and then you email Shabby Apple at:
I'm off to sketch!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We have the ability....

Continuing my study of Choice and Accountability~

I looked up Agency in a little book titled: True to the Faith p 12.

I really like this quote,

" We have the ability to choose righteousness and happiness

regardless of circumstances".

That goes along with my last post about "blooming where you are planted" and looking for opportunities around us.

It is MY responsibility to develop my talents.

We are accountable for what we do with our gifts (and how we use our time).

It is so important that we don't idle away our time.

One of my neighbors is an amazing musician- as a hobby. (It is one of my friends- husbands) He has a small band that plays at community events and he plays multiple instruments. One day- I over heard him talking about how he learned to play the piano- his first instrument.

He said when he was growing up- his family didn't even have a piano. But that didn't stop him from learning how to play. When he started seminary in high school- he would go extra early while the teacher was still setting up and practice on the church piano.

I think about my own desires to learn how to play the piano- I've always joked that my parents gave up with my older sister and gave the piano away before I ever had a chance to learn.

But - it just goes to show- if I really was dedicated and WANTED to learn how to play, I could have found a way.

Don't put off learning and developing a talent you are interested in.

We have the ability to choose..... regardless of our circumstances.

Don't give that power away and let your circumstances limit you!

Now I am off to "go and do"... enough talk... it's time to walk the walk!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

floral belt

I had this headband
and while I loved the idea
I did feel like- it wasn't age appropriate.

I felt like one of those babies with a big flower bow in her hair.

But I loved it so much
(I even bought a brown flower one too)

And while I loved it- I never had the nerve to wear it outside the house... much.. I might have worn it out once or twice.

So I thought I would cut off the flower- since it was just attached with hot glue and felt.

and make an accessory to add to a belt.

This dot felt piece is to keep the flower pedals together

This rectangle piece is to slide the belt through...

I wore this little accent today- while on my weekly date with my husband.
Teds Bakery (north shore)- is super yummy!
I love the idea-- I recognize this isn't a "homerun" look. I think making a belt with ribbon would take this project up a notch. (there wouldn't be a belt buckle to have to try and hide.)

No Sew-- just be careful with the hot glue gun.

Choose to SHINE

Okay- this may seem silly
but every year I make new years resolutions......

(that isn't the silly part- wait for it.... wait for it....)

Three years ago I realized after reading journals from when I was 8 years old, each journal began in January with my new years resolution...
and every year
my goals were the SAME!

It had been 30 years and I was still working on
Not biting my nails
pray regularly
read my scriptures regularly
exercise more

you get the idea.
I was very discouraged!
I decided
that year
I wasn't going to have any goals

and ironically
that was the year I finally
stopped biting my nails down to the nubbins--- ( I still bite them, instead of clipping them) But I have white on my nails! And they look normal! (Like I am NOT a nail biter.)

I also started exercising regularly
(3-5 times a week running or walking- I started out walking because I was really out of shape.)

and I started reading my scriptures and saying prayers regularly.

isn't that ironic?
I think mentally- I was so completely disappointed in myself that I forced myself to "grow up" and step up my efforts to finish these goals I've had for 30 years!!!

Okay- that wasn't even the silly part--- "just sad/ in a pathetic kind of way" part of my story.

Since that epic year- The Year I decided NOT to make a specific list of goals.
I've decided to have a theme or motto for the year.

and naturally it has to rhyme- that is the silly part. (sorry for it to be so anti-climatic)
so last year was
SHINE in 2009

Shine meaning- develop my talents and SHARE my talents.
Don't be afraid to share the talents I am trying to develop.
I think I was waiting for some point of proficiency...
like ... I'm not good enough yet to ... do... xyz...
Instead I was challenging myself to step up to the plate- and get in the game.
stop being a bystander watching others going and doing....
I am not a natural leader-
I shy away from those types of roles.
I don't like to be in the spotlight...
(don't be like that- learn wisdom in your youth..)

God gives us so many opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills. (Serving as Beehive President, or counselors, or secretaries)
The Personal Progress Program with 10 hour projects, giving talks in church and callings...
There are scriptures too- that encourage us to
" Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father in Heaven".
The young women logo is a torch- the light of Christ in all of us.
Have you noticed that?
Last year was a good year...
I did step up and out of my comfort zone-
I over came some fears...
and chose to SHINE.
You choose too- because you are a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves you - and you are brilliant and bright- so shine!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Spent Hour of YOUR DAY!

I've started interpreting (again) at BYU-H.
I am a sign language interpreter- for one religion class- Teachings of the Living Prophets.
You might hear alot about this class. The professor is a sweetheart from England- serving a mission here in Hawaii teaching religion.

When I interpret... the information usually goes in my ears and out my hands. I have a really hard time remembering details... so please forgive me that I don't have the reference for this idea. (I think he was quoting Steven Covey- but I might be wrong.)

Anyway- he was advising the students on how to balance life and school studies. And this is the advice by... ???

"Start your day dedicated to
20 minutes exercise
, 20 minutes to meditate (pray and read scriptures)
and 20 minutes to plan your day.
If you do- that one hour will make the other 23 hours more productive. "

How many times have I thought, "I don't have time to exercise today, I just can't fit that in"?
Not so many times lately- I've worked in that time... but it is easier for me now... all my kids are in school.
But I remember that was a real problem and discouraging as a student and young mother.

20 min- I probably procrastinate making dinner 40 min... why not procrastinate while I exercise? (even if it is just put some music on and walk up and down the stairs? Actually- while I transfer loads of laundry up and down the stairs... I'm not just double tasking but TRIPLE tasking- if you count the procrastinating... )

You get my point. Make it work.
Since I've been doing this....

(I've been doing this--even before I heard this awesome quote)

But since I've been doing this- I have noticed I do have more productive days- and my mind seems more clear. I am able to see what needs to get done and not get so overwhelmed by everything that could/should get done.

Baby steps... make it a goal.
Let me know- the benefits you find from following this idea of the best spent hour of your day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where are you planted?

This month- our young women are focusing on Choice and Accountability.

I have read a few books that have talked about the power of our attitude.
Stand for Something by Gordon B Hinckely
Be Your Best Self by Monson
Good To Great by Jim Collins
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey.

I highly recommend each book- maybe later in the month I'll post reviews.

But basically- Life happens.
Bad things happen to everyone
Everyone has trials and struggles- even the people who we think have the perfect lives--- have challenges.

That is the one guarantee in life- you will be challenged.
Once you accept that
and stop looking for the easy way or path...
and stop wishing your situation was different
Stop feeling sorry for yourself

you can start growing.

One of my favorite sayings on this topic is "Bloom where you are planted".

Don't make excuses to why you are not reaching your full potential

I love this picture of the flower in the dry dirt.
It doesn't look like the ideal situation- dry, dusty bit of ground-a lonely little flower.

But when it was a seed- it had the potential to be a flower and it knew it.
It took advantage of the opportunities around it and reached it's potential.

So look around you- what opportunities are right in front of you?
For me- hockey season is going to start.
Which means over a two hour round trip drive in the car with my kids.
That drive use to be a big thorn in my side
I use to dread it ALL DAY
It use to make me grumpy and grumbly
Then I thought- okay- accept it.
How can I use those 2 hours a day... what opportunity does it provide?

Now- my kids and I enjoy listening to book on CD those 2 hours
We sing songs, quiz on multiplication math facts, help each other memorize vocabulary words, (Spanish words - now my son is taking Spanish)

What has changed?
my attitude

and now- those sometimes are the MOST productive 2 hours of my day!

So I encourage you- don't wait for your situation to change.
Sometimes- it is what it is.
But look for an opportunity to grow amid your challenges.

Another quick example- from high school
I didn't have a car
I shared a car with my two older siblings- so
I was low on the totem pole when it came to actually having the car to get to and from a summer job.

At first I was really discouraged
job opportunities near my house were limited.
(An Asian food store & 7-11 type shopping area)
My best friends (twins) suggested we be life guards-
I was curious as to HOW they planned getting to and from the pool
that was maybe 6 or so miles away each day.
(There dad worked and their mom was paralyzed/confined to a wheel chair)
They were going to run.
Both ways
So we did.
It was great- not only did that open up more opportunities to work
WE were in GREAT shape in the Fall when Cross Country practice started up.
The Twins - were not just my best friends in High School
they were great examples of finding ways to overcome obstacles - to reach their goals.
Okay- I've got to run
GO AND make good Choices!