Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dress Inspiration

I love this dress.. the ruffle detail especially.
Kristina has a full blog post about how she created this- you can read here.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sew Old School

So- I thought this whole, up-cycling and reconstructing clothing was so new!
A new concept for a generation more aware of reduce-reuse-recycle- how naïve of me!

Of-course not! duh- is how I feel now.
I found a blogger at Of Dreams and Seams who has a couple of original German Pattern Magazines from the 1940's! How amazing is that! She says in each copy there is a page- of refashioning ideas!

They certainly had to use all the resources they could get their hands on. In this example, they suggest using an old long-sleeve blouse on which the collar, buttons, underarms and cuffs are torn up and turn it into this cute short-sleeve version, for which you can cut away all the problematic areas...

They even provide the pattern and show you how you best lay it out on the old piece of clothing (bottom of the page):
I hope Of Seams of Dreams will share more of these vintage ideas. Here is her recreation of this 1940's blouse. So sew cute!

You can click HERE to her tutorial. WARNING: her blog banner is a bit creepy looking- I am not sure what that is about. I am trying to look past that, because she shares amazing ideas. I like to look for the good in others, find the similarities and accept we are all different. But ... hum... yeah- every time I go there... my stomach turns. Just to warn you.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Thrift Store: Kelly Green Shirt

The flash on my camera made this green shirt light up neon- it is not this obnoxious. It is a happy Kelly green.
I bought this shirt at that 1/2 off sale at my favorite thrift store.
This shirt is XL, but I really liked the color- so I looked forward to resizing it and structuring it.

It's amazing what a bow can do
I had great expectations for this green blouse. I really really really want a shirt like this- with a fantastic bow!

I tried slimming down the sides- first. I tried it on- saw I needed about an inch off each side and stitched accordingly.

It was really long- so I cut off the bottom- thinking I could make it a cute peplum. (In hindsight- this was a big MISTAKE- stick to the inspiration picture! But I didn't- I switched gears half way in.)
I cut the collar off also- because I want a cute bow.

I thought I had- thought this through... but a peplum bottom AND a bow.. is a bit much. Especially because If I am going to wear it as a peplum- I need to wear a belt to hide the buldge where the buttons line up.

See how it kinda puckers? The bow is cute-  right? It isn't as big and flouncy as the inspiration picture. But I was thinking about bows and interpreting. I can't have anything too big and bulky. I touch my chest and gesture near my chest and face a bunch- so I don't want anything that might snag on my hands.

Here's my refashioned green/bow shirt- with my skirt I made from a pattern!
I know how much people enjoy seeing heads in pictures- so I asked my 8 year old to take a picture. A bit fuzzy. Naturally I couldn't find the bow! (As of now, I pin in on when I want it- because I kinda like the mandarin collar when I wear it out like a peplum shirt.)
 I am going to get my husband to take a picture of me- but I just wanted you to see the photography talent I live with.
Do you wonder why I take bathroom headless shots?
Wonder no longer.
In the end- I deemed this a DIY Failure- it looks very homespun.
That is not the goal/look I am going for.
I want classy.
something that doesn't draw attention- or need endless tucking in.
The shirt, because I cut it, won't stay tucked in.
I am disappointed because... I do love the color and think it would have been a great
blouse in my work wardrobe.
So the lesson learned: stick to the inspiration photo.
See it through- don't "improvise" on a whim and cut.
I can't take the peplum off- because that leaves the shirt too short now.
It's sad, but now this happy Kelly Green shirt sits in my RIP pile.
I keep all these, in hopes I will be able to use parts of them in another project.
If not- I think at the end of the year, I will make a scrap quilt out of the pieces.
ya know my motto:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Inspirational Blogger: Rita

So Rita is a really cute blogger that has all kinds of great DIY ideas.
I loved her Shabby Apple inspired dresses she made!
Whenever I stumble upon a new reFashionista... it really inspires me....
 that.. I can do this!

I can create cute/chic clothes using my creativity and sewing skills.
(And it doesn't have to cost a zillion dollars!)

For this green/striped dress- I like the bigger stripes better on the original- but I think her other knock-offs are spot on!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Love this gal:

She set a really great sewing goal this year: 12 Month Pattern Challenge.
12 months /12 patterns.

She is the blogger/seamstress who inspired MY sew along in July!
(She said she didn't plan to host a sew along for her goal- and I was sad! I would have TOTALLY played along!)

So that is why I decided to host my own!
I think if July's Link Party is a success- then I will host another one in December! That way all of us, inspired by the 12 Month Challenge- can then show off our creations for the last 6 months of the year.

Here is a blog- that inspired LuckyLucille. She is just as adorable!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Inspiration: From Some Where

Have you ever been blog surfing and found a movement- that you just didn't know was out there- but you are so "into" already?

I have loved thrift shopping... since I was a teenager. (We're talking 30 years give or take.)
I have been trying to re-fashion/up cycle clothes for about 20 years. (On and off, here and there- as I have said, my things have looked more homespun... kindergarten craft project and not fashion forward... or even wearable. I will try to find some pictures of my past creations.)

I love that up-cycling and re-fashioning clothes is now trendy!
Not just "socially acceptable" but....
Socially responsible
I found this designer label from the UK called: From Somewhere
Their motto/mission?
"From Somewhere is a designer label that works primarily with pre-consumer surplus from the manufacturing houses and textile mills of the luxury fashion industry.
The label is a pioneer in combining sustainable thinking with fashion-forward design; bringing quality and craftsmanship to “exquisite rubbish.”
I love this!
I love this idea/concept.
I love everything about this- I just don't know where to start!
I also found last night.. late.. late at night.. and didn't tag it for later, now I am kicking myself- because I was dreaming about this her all night....
Anyway- I found a blog by a seamstress last night who works at a THRIFT store in London that does the same type of thing!
It's a charity/thrift store that collects donations and sells them on consign- pretty normal business plan. We have a bunch of these around the United States too.
But they have a side "boutique" of items that have been up-cycled by their team of Re-fashionistas!
The Re-fashionistas only get articles of clothing that were damaged donations.
Ya know... the junk.
The clothes that have stains and rips and such.
The trashed clothes- get washed and then re-made into something fashionable.
Love-love-love this!
I am on board.
We will see where this takes me.
I am excited.