Saturday, February 15, 2014

Up Coming Sew Along- July 2014

I wanted this to be red/white and blue and adorable-- but for some reason my Photoshop would only work in grey/black and white. (I am not very savvy with computers.) But I kinda like the retro-black and white look. It feels like an old Batman show- with a Ka-POW! to point out action moments during the fight scenes. lol

Anyway! Back to the Sew-Along Info.

I am having so much fun on Project Sewn this month. I want to host my own Sew Along Challenge.
As you know- sewing is so liberating!
No more are you tied to the fashion trends in the stores.
No longer do you have to endure ill-fitting clothing!

Learning how to sew this year- is one of the BEST goals I have ever set!
I am having so much fun.

For my sew-along in July I want to celebrate the Independence that Sewing has given us!

I plan to host a link-party for the month of July.
Come and toss in your links- for these categories:
July 1-5: Red/White/Blue- your choice- any project in these colors
July 6-12: Tops/ Blouses
July 13-19: Dresses or skirts
July 20-26: Pants/shorts
July 27- 31: outerwear/ jackets/blazers

5 RULES to Play Along:
1.) Add this image as a widget to your sidebar
and attach the following code as the link:

Display the banner proudly. Let the world know you plan to play along!
The more the merrier- so why not invite your readers to play along too!
This might also serve as a reminder to YOU! Help you finish those projects.

2.) Projects submitted may be altered up-cycled fashions
or sewn from pattern creations.
We want to see your favorite things you have sewn and up-cycled!
How your sewing skills have liberated you!

3.) Projects shared will be items created in the last year.
 (Meaning July 2013- 2014) 
I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to sew, take pictures and not feel rushed.
Enjoy the process- be thoughtful in your selection. Take time to really "finish" the project down to the hem and lining. Create things you really love! (not something your slapped together for a quick photo shoot.) Tried and True pieces that you wear often and are so happy you created!

4.) It would be fun to see you wearing your creations
out and about!
I hear about people who make stuff- and then they never wear it!
 Now that I am sewing- I understand the phobia.
That is why taking pictures is so important!
 You can see what it really looks like on you! It is different than just looking in a mirror.

As you can tell from my own pictures-- this is a challenge for me.
 I don't like posing for pictures- so just know...
 I am adding #4 not to be mean to YOU- but to challenge myself.

I think it will be fun to have a place to show off your sewing creations that you are so proud of!

5.) Plan to visit/comment at other participants blogs.
 (At least 3 others.) What is a "Party" without mingling and getting to know people!

Thanks for stopping by.....leave a comment if you plan to play along- I will drop by and say "HI" on your blog.

  One Additional Rule: If you want to be eligible to WIN a PRIZE!
Follow this blog.
I will have two prizes: one for those dropping links into the link party.
Another "door prize" for people who come (don't submit links to projects)
 but they DO go and visit other people's
links and comment/ leave messages etc.. for the people who are participating!.

 I hope to see your creations in July!

disclaimer: I will only host a link party IF I have at least 20 people leave a comment and say they plan to play along. So get the word out! I do so want to host a link party!!!


  1. Oooo... this looks like fun. I think I even have a plan for something to make to go with everything except the first week. I love red, white, and blue together so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something. Great idea!

    1. yay- Jordan! Thanks for planning to play along!
      I think it will be fun too!