Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inspired by Shoes: Project Sewn

Real Quick! Plan to play-along in July
Okay! The real reason you all stopped by!
Here are my shoes and the fabric for this project.
They remind me of a "Victorian style" shoes. I love Victorian style! Streamline skirts with hemline ruffles. Just all the feminine details of that era.

So that was my vision.
Streamline skirt- I own none. (Okay- one, I made it two weeks ago for Project Sewn.) I normally wear A-line skirts. But for winter- I feel like I wear so much bulk- everywhere- on TOP on Bottom.. I feel like my shape is very non-descript.

So I want to experiment with straight skirts and pencil skirts... and see if they don't flatter my pear figure- when I am wearing bulky sweaters on top.

I bought this pattern- it was on sale (Yay!) and had the details I wanted.

Here you can (kinda) see the cute ruffle in the back.
Here is a closer look at the back of the skirt. (My ruffle didn't look like the one in the pattern package- if it bugs me too much, I am going to rip it out and remake the ruffle. But for now- I am happy with it.)

I lucked out - with matching the lines as I fitted the skirt to me.
Then with the hem ruffle detail- I opted to cut the fabric with the lines horizontal- to make it stand out a tad more.
I wore it to church- and was relieved..... no one asked, "Did you make that?"
YES! Something I MADE looked normal! NOT home-spun!

Great progress for me!
Can't wait to see all the amazing projects over at Project Sewn!

And as far as straight skirts go... I think I am warming up to the idea. I probably could taper this skirt even more and make it a pencil skirt and not feel silly. (Since there is extra fabric in the back ruffle- I would still be able to walk normal.)

(big sigh of relief)
FINALLY  a sewing project that was pretty straight forward- with no major hiccups!

These are pictures of other times I've worn this skirt.. I took these pictures FIRST and then last minute... realized... I am NOT WEARING my inspiration shoes! lol.. what was I thinking!!!


  1. It turned out beautifully! I love how you turned the fabric for the ruffle. Very fun! I have this pattern on my stash and now I just need the fabric to go with it. It looks really great on you.

    1. Thanks Jordan! On pattern someone said they made it out of plaid- I thought that would be cute too! (but maybe a nightmare to match up pattern?)

  2. What a great pattern! It's so flattering and works well with the inspiration shoes :)

    1. Thanks Beth for dropping by! I love your inspirational shoes- and your outfit looks more comfy! Something you can wear any day.. I need to sew more projects like that!

  3. Good job Laura! One of the most difficult things about sewing for me is choosing the right pattern. Sometimes I sew garments and when I put them on...sigh...they don't flatter me so much. This skirt looks really, really good on you. And you did an awesome job with the stripes!!

  4. Sue! That means so much coming from YOU! Every week- I am amazed by your creations!

  5. Great minds think alike! :) You did a great job in choosing the fabric to go with the shoes, and it looks really nice on you. Great job!

  6. I have been eyeing that pattern for over a year! Very nice on you! Good work!

    1. I am very new to sewing- and this pattern was pretty straight forward- go for it!! You wont regret it!