My Quere

I looked through my closet and started pulling out items
 I would like to refashion/fix this year.

Hawaiian Floral Skirt.
I bought this skirt in Hawaii and love it. The lace detail is beautiful and it fits me! The problem is: What do I wear on top. I haven't' found the right shirt. I am thinking I might sew a shirt and attach it to make this into a dress. I don't wear it as much as I would like- because I get a huge mental block of what to wear with it.

Lace shirt
I have never worn this shirt. Problems: it is shear and I need a shirt under. It is actually cream color, so a regular white t-shirt wont do. Second problem is the shape. It is shaped like a trash bag. The arms are wide- the arm holes hit my waist. The bottom of the blouse has elastic- so it rides to my waist and puffs out.

It is not at all flattering.
You might ask, "why buy it?"
In skilled hands I can see has potential.
Hot Pink jumper
I bought this at a garage sale along with a cute jean jacket- it looks pretty cute together. I love that this dress has pockets- the sleeves are a bit short and the neckline is a bit large.  So I need to raise the neckline and change the sleeves.- or something!

SHADE royal blue romper
I bought this about 4 years ago when SHADE went out of business. It is a cute dress- but the sleeves are capped.. just a little too short for my liking- but the real reason I need to "fix" this dress is the length. When belted, it is too short.
White print skirt
I love the pattern and flow of this skirt. It is silky and drapes nice. The waistband is really baggy- it is strange. I don't wear this as often as I like- because I have to cover the top of the skirt.
Work Pants
These pants are a great fit around my waist- but BELL huge by the bottom.

Denim "bag" shirt
My sister-in-law passed along this shirt to me. I love the little lace detail- but the shape of the shirt is very big and baggy. She passed it along- because the length has shrunk- so it is wider than it is long now. I want to save the details.. maybe... ?? I don't know... we'll see what I come up with.

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