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I'm Laura (aka SWIRL)
When I first started blogging- I had a cute blog called Girl in a Swirl. I blogged about my every day life- raising 4 boys. It was mostly to journal our life, share our comings and goings with my family and friends who lived far from us. (We were living in Hawaii at the time.)

When I created this blog Swirl Sew Simple (2010)- I was serving in my church as an advisor to young women in our congregation (ages 12-17).

I dabbled with sewing projects when I was this age- and never really graduated from being a novice.

I had hoped to share some easy, simple sewing projects that would inspire the girls to get creative and sew! I've kept up some of the projects I did with them and the short value blurps I blogged about back then. Just so you-me-WE can see my growth in this goal. Be forewarned.. some aren't that cute.

Now it is 2014! (That seems so long ago! Was it really only 4 years ago?)
We've moved back to the mainland two years ago. I am resurrecting this blog because I have decided to move my sewing goal- front and center! I realized- I really do want to learn to sew! I am ready to move past the dabbling stage. I am excited- but nervous. I don't want this to be a New Years Resolution that gets pushed aside and abandoned by April.

 I want to track my sewing progress and projects on this blog and share inspiration I've found from other bloggers. AND hopefully inspire someone else who has always wanted to learn to sew too!
It is never too late! (I'm in my 40's) But it is defiantly time to stop procrastinating! lol.

My starting point/ skill level =
I am very confident in sewing straight lines. (I've made simple blankets.)
I have no technical sewing abilities- I attempted to replace a zipper in a favorite skirt a week ago, and it is ugly!

So- basically I am starting ( not at 0)... but pretty close to 0.
My ultimate goal:

#1- Be able to sew something, using a pattern, that has been fitted to my body.
( Avoid baggy styles and no drooping, puckering, sagging- because of ill construction.)

# 2- I want my sewing creations to look store bought (not homespun).
(fabric selection is probably just as important as sewing abilities.)

#3- I want to be able to tailor my pre-existing  wardrobe to fit me- fabulously!
(understanding clothing construction is probably important key for this) I have an annoying habit of buying clothes too big for me. I am PEAR shape- so I guess I try to balance out my shape by adding bulk on the top half of me... and lose fitting styles on the bottom half... to hide my bulk? I don't really know what I am thinking... now that I type this train of thought...(lol) I need help.

#4- Don't break the bank- in the process. I need to figure out and set a realistic budget for this.
 I will probably have to buy supplies slowly.
Take advantage of JoAnn Fabrics 50% off weekly coupons.
 Re-cycle/style some of the things I already own
Get sponsored by MOOD? (Hey a girl can dream!)

Skills I need to learn:
 how to use a pattern- smart pattern selections- (pattern reviews can be found on line!)
 fit a pattern- I think this is best achieved using the buddy system. (I need to find a sewing friend)
 sew buttons (tutorials on-line, you tube)
 sew zippers (again: tutorials and practice!)
 finish hems, necklines, sleeves... etc.. (tutorials)
Get to know fabrics- so that I don't sabotage my projects by picking the wrong fabric.

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