Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adorable BELT from a TIE?

Finally- I am playing with ties!
This was one of my first ideas... when I started this blog.

Here I am wearing it to work...
I really like the idea of a tie for a belt- but does it look homespun?? or just flat out strange??

Here is my tie-
ready to be made into something new- and adorable.
And two belt rings.
( I cut the old belt off- and made my headband-- you can see that HERE.)

Cut your tie- to the length you would like... and keep the fAT end to make your rose.

Fold over the belt rings and sew.
Then finish your cut edge-- by folding and sewing.

Next open up the FAT side of the tie-- and make a square piece of fabric.
(if you fold a triangle and cut the excess off... it makes a square.)

Then turn the fabric- right sides together and sew up two sides... (but don't back stitch- you are going to pull threads to gather into a Rosebud.)

Then turn it right-side out... and gather - by pulling one thread.
push the tip of the top of the "mountain"- into itself... and it makes a rose... see?

turn it over and I hand stitched the back together and shut.
It's not rocket science--- it doesn't have to look great either.
Then I placed it on my belt and hand stitched it to the belt.
 SEW simple!

I'll let you decide. if this belt is adorable or not.

I ultimately decided against this look (at my age) but younger gals might be able to pull this off!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Headband Version

Remember Disney's adorable headbands made out of ribbon and doo-dads?

I found in a belt that had this adorable lace detail.

I cut it... measured my head
added some elastic
with my sewing machine- I used the zig-zag stitch to attach the elastic
Here is my headband.
SEW - simple
SO cute!