Friday, March 28, 2014

Inspiration: From Some Where

Have you ever been blog surfing and found a movement- that you just didn't know was out there- but you are so "into" already?

I have loved thrift shopping... since I was a teenager. (We're talking 30 years give or take.)
I have been trying to re-fashion/up cycle clothes for about 20 years. (On and off, here and there- as I have said, my things have looked more homespun... kindergarten craft project and not fashion forward... or even wearable. I will try to find some pictures of my past creations.)

I love that up-cycling and re-fashioning clothes is now trendy!
Not just "socially acceptable" but....
Socially responsible
I found this designer label from the UK called: From Somewhere
Their motto/mission?
"From Somewhere is a designer label that works primarily with pre-consumer surplus from the manufacturing houses and textile mills of the luxury fashion industry.
The label is a pioneer in combining sustainable thinking with fashion-forward design; bringing quality and craftsmanship to “exquisite rubbish.”
I love this!
I love this idea/concept.
I love everything about this- I just don't know where to start!
I also found last night.. late.. late at night.. and didn't tag it for later, now I am kicking myself- because I was dreaming about this her all night....
Anyway- I found a blog by a seamstress last night who works at a THRIFT store in London that does the same type of thing!
It's a charity/thrift store that collects donations and sells them on consign- pretty normal business plan. We have a bunch of these around the United States too.
But they have a side "boutique" of items that have been up-cycled by their team of Re-fashionistas!
The Re-fashionistas only get articles of clothing that were damaged donations.
Ya know... the junk.
The clothes that have stains and rips and such.
The trashed clothes- get washed and then re-made into something fashionable.
Love-love-love this!
I am on board.
We will see where this takes me.
I am excited.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Past Crochet scarf projects

Here I am wearing a cute red scarf I made, following the directions I found HERE at  (My son was goofing around with my camera- taking random pictures- as I was deleting them... I noticed, my red scarf! Now I don't have to use my bathroom picture!)

This is a fun scarf to make- and simple! I only know two things about crocheting- a single crochet and a double crochet. I have made this scarf 4 times total. One in red, I kept for myself. One in purple- I gave to my sister two years ago for Christmas. Last year I made 2 more, multi-colored scarfs and gave them to my mother and my grandmother for Christmas.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Another Garment Down

Oh dear peeps!
Another article of clothing has suffered under my hands.

I had such great success with my black t-shirt, making a cute peplum, I wanted to try again!
Except this time- I had to resize the whole t-shirt.
Last time, the shirt fit my body.
This shirt, I love the color, but over time it has stretched and become very baggy. (100%cotton if that makes any sense.)
So I had to cut the sleeves off and make it smaller. I thought it was going along great!
I was getting so excited.
I used a million pins- to space out the ruffling on the peplum.
(The sleeves did turn out good- that was my first time doing that!)

Look how the peplum is all bunched and puckered.
Not very pretty or flattering.
A sad fate for this top.
(But I had stopped wearing it- because it was so stretched out.)
I think I will keep it- just because I love the color so much and it can add a nice pop of color under sweaters (that will hide the DIY:FAIL element.)

So sad.
I guess the lesson learned from this fail- is the fabric choice? A t-shirt is and always will be a t-shirt- don't try to make it something it is not.

Casualty= 3

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project: Adorable Upcycle apron

Remember the bag I made out of some beloved jeans?
It was time to accept that they just aren't ever going to fit again. (sniffle) I'm over it.
I better be over it- because the jeans are no longer intact!
Now they live on as a really cute bag ...
But I have the top half of the jeans left. Not wanting to waste-  I looked for another project.
I found this cute apron!

click here to see the original tutorial- at Life Made Creations.

I thought this would be a WONDERFUL project to do with my daughter-for-the-week.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Finished Project: straight skirt

Straight skirts- you can find them everywhere! Here is a little number I saw at Walmart this morning. $21? When straight skirts are so easy to make! No need to buy- I found some cute fabric on sale for $1.50 a yard! Perfect for someone learning to sew.

I modified my skirt from the tutorial that I shared on Friday.  Instead of two side seams, I just made a tube- having only one back seam.
I started by measuring my widest part. (I don't want my skirt to be too tight around my thighs.)
The fabric is folded in half- so I cut my measurement in half but added back an inch for my seam.
I also measured how long I wanted this skirt plus an inch for the hem.
I stitched up the back seam (so it would lay flat and not bubble over my butt), and then folded over the top- to make a casing for the elastic.
I measured my waist and that was the length of the elastic to this measurement.
Super simple skirt!
Fast and straight stitches- right in my comfort zone!

Cute-  but maybe too much in my comfort zone?
I mean... I want to learn to sew.. using patterns.
So my next project is going to be with a pattern! (gulp)
There! I've committed myself!

Here I am at work.  I am trying to be better about taking pictures out and about-
and not sneaking around in bathrooms snapping pictures.
(But no promises- you might see more pictures in bathrooms.
You've been warned.)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Inspiration: Simple Pencil skirt

I've made two of these types of simple skirts. Merrick is so adorable and her restyles- seem simple enough.

Here she shares a tutorial on how to make a simple skirt.

These are so cute! And really a great simple project for the beginner seamstress.
This might be a project I tackle with my "daughter-for-a-week".
We'll see if she is interested in learning how to sew.
It just seems silly to buy this type of skirt. Pay $20? or more? what for?
Thanks Merrick for your cute re-styles and great tutorials!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Style Rut?

Spygirl is a very quirky fashionista, but I love her Idea- 52 ways to re-pick and remix your wardrobe and create new outfits.

It's a link party- every week.
52 pick-me-up

She is an artist- and has a series of fashion sketches that are amazing!
I love her series of "fashion icons"- who are fellow fashion bloggers.

This is of Sue- at A Colourful Canvas. I visit her blog on a regular basis- she is so bubbly. The clothes/ outfits she makes (sews) are always so happy!

I think it is important to add whimsy in my life. It is so easy- to fall into a rut of the mundane. I love my creative outlets that add joy, laughter, humor into my life.

Especially in a career (ASL Interpreter) where I spend my days- conveying the thoughts & feeling of others and not any avenue for self-expression. I NEED AN OUTLET. lol

( I am babysitting a little 9 year old girl for a week, while her parents travel Europe. At first panic set in... what are we going to do??? I am babysitting her brother also- but boys... no problem. Toss him into the mix I already have. A little girl? That's a horse of a different color. I bought some "girl" stuff. Remember "Fashion Plates"? I played for hours with mine growing up. I bought a set so we can do this type of creating/fashion designing together.)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sewing Project: Reversable Bag

I have needed a new "scripture" bag for months... maybe a year. My cute bag I used in Hawaii- gave up, and broke down. :0( It didn't like the transition to Utah climate.

I found a really cute tote pattern at You can see it here and download the pattern!

I decided, after looking at the pattern, I might need to find a easier pattern. I wanted to use supplies I had on hand- and I don't have any batting required for the Zest Tote. (Although it is adorable!)

So I found a great bag, with a wonderful tutorial by Very Purple Person, she even provides a free pattern to download! (Click HERE)

Happily this pattern fits perfectly on the boot cut portion of my jeans I wanted to re-purpose into my new scripture bag.
 (Cute jeans- right? Sadly they don't fit.)

I followed the pattern.
I read and re-read the tutorial.
It was a great/fun project that took me about 6 hours from start to finish.
One side is sturdy denim

The other is made from extra curtain/couch pillow fabric- lol!
Sew so cute! I would highly recommend this project for a newbie.