Friday, March 28, 2014

Inspiration: From Some Where

Have you ever been blog surfing and found a movement- that you just didn't know was out there- but you are so "into" already?

I have loved thrift shopping... since I was a teenager. (We're talking 30 years give or take.)
I have been trying to re-fashion/up cycle clothes for about 20 years. (On and off, here and there- as I have said, my things have looked more homespun... kindergarten craft project and not fashion forward... or even wearable. I will try to find some pictures of my past creations.)

I love that up-cycling and re-fashioning clothes is now trendy!
Not just "socially acceptable" but....
Socially responsible
I found this designer label from the UK called: From Somewhere
Their motto/mission?
"From Somewhere is a designer label that works primarily with pre-consumer surplus from the manufacturing houses and textile mills of the luxury fashion industry.
The label is a pioneer in combining sustainable thinking with fashion-forward design; bringing quality and craftsmanship to “exquisite rubbish.”
I love this!
I love this idea/concept.
I love everything about this- I just don't know where to start!
I also found last night.. late.. late at night.. and didn't tag it for later, now I am kicking myself- because I was dreaming about this her all night....
Anyway- I found a blog by a seamstress last night who works at a THRIFT store in London that does the same type of thing!
It's a charity/thrift store that collects donations and sells them on consign- pretty normal business plan. We have a bunch of these around the United States too.
But they have a side "boutique" of items that have been up-cycled by their team of Re-fashionistas!
The Re-fashionistas only get articles of clothing that were damaged donations.
Ya know... the junk.
The clothes that have stains and rips and such.
The trashed clothes- get washed and then re-made into something fashionable.
Love-love-love this!
I am on board.
We will see where this takes me.
I am excited.

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