Why do you have a closet of clothes that don't fit you?
Valid question: I would say there are two reasons three reasons.

ONE- I am a thrift shopper and rarely can find clothes I like- in my size.

TWO- Maybe I was not patient enough when I built this Fall/Winter wardrobe. I didn't feel like I had the time to hunt and search and peck to buy only clothes that fit me. I recognized I needed a few sweaters...one or two... or 12 (Because we moved to Utah from Hawaii and it started getting cold in October! It snowed! In October!!) So I went to DI and bought a BUNCH of sweaters. Because I am like that... a blitz shopper. I needed warm clothes and I needed them NOW. Not just for me- but my four boys also. (And we couldn't break the bank on this. We had just experienced a major move where we couldn't bring much of our household. So everything had to be re-bought on a tight budget frugally.)

and excuse
THREE- I am a PEAR shape. I've read conflicting advice about dressing my PEAR body.
Some say... Add bulk to your upper body to balance out your larger lower proportions. (So I buy bulky tops.)

Others say- buy loose fitting clothes to "drape" over your larger lower half... (So I buy loose bottoms.)

Hence- it seems like everything I own is big and baggy- which is a shame, because I really am not all that big!

Why are you so picky about colors and patterns?
Another, very valid question.

I am a sign language interpreter. (I am jumping back into the work force, now that all my kids are in school full day.) For work- I have to wear colors that contrast my skin tones (on my bodice- so clients can "read" signs easier and with less eye fatigue.) So this means; dark (-ish), solid tops. Leaving patterns for the bottom half of me... which isn't that another PEAR no no?

I try not to be the type of person that makes mountains out of mole hills... but I do feel like I do this with my clothes and fashion.

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