Friday, March 14, 2014

Another Garment Down

Oh dear peeps!
Another article of clothing has suffered under my hands.

I had such great success with my black t-shirt, making a cute peplum, I wanted to try again!
Except this time- I had to resize the whole t-shirt.
Last time, the shirt fit my body.
This shirt, I love the color, but over time it has stretched and become very baggy. (100%cotton if that makes any sense.)
So I had to cut the sleeves off and make it smaller. I thought it was going along great!
I was getting so excited.
I used a million pins- to space out the ruffling on the peplum.
(The sleeves did turn out good- that was my first time doing that!)

Look how the peplum is all bunched and puckered.
Not very pretty or flattering.
A sad fate for this top.
(But I had stopped wearing it- because it was so stretched out.)
I think I will keep it- just because I love the color so much and it can add a nice pop of color under sweaters (that will hide the DIY:FAIL element.)

So sad.
I guess the lesson learned from this fail- is the fabric choice? A t-shirt is and always will be a t-shirt- don't try to make it something it is not.

Casualty= 3

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