Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Style Rut?

Spygirl is a very quirky fashionista, but I love her Idea- 52 ways to re-pick and remix your wardrobe and create new outfits.

It's a link party- every week.
52 pick-me-up

She is an artist- and has a series of fashion sketches that are amazing!
I love her series of "fashion icons"- who are fellow fashion bloggers.

This is of Sue- at A Colourful Canvas. I visit her blog on a regular basis- she is so bubbly. The clothes/ outfits she makes (sews) are always so happy!

I think it is important to add whimsy in my life. It is so easy- to fall into a rut of the mundane. I love my creative outlets that add joy, laughter, humor into my life.

Especially in a career (ASL Interpreter) where I spend my days- conveying the thoughts & feeling of others and not any avenue for self-expression. I NEED AN OUTLET. lol

( I am babysitting a little 9 year old girl for a week, while her parents travel Europe. At first panic set in... what are we going to do??? I am babysitting her brother also- but boys... no problem. Toss him into the mix I already have. A little girl? That's a horse of a different color. I bought some "girl" stuff. Remember "Fashion Plates"? I played for hours with mine growing up. I bought a set so we can do this type of creating/fashion designing together.)

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