Monday, March 10, 2014

Finished Project: straight skirt

Straight skirts- you can find them everywhere! Here is a little number I saw at Walmart this morning. $21? When straight skirts are so easy to make! No need to buy- I found some cute fabric on sale for $1.50 a yard! Perfect for someone learning to sew.

I modified my skirt from the tutorial that I shared on Friday.  Instead of two side seams, I just made a tube- having only one back seam.
I started by measuring my widest part. (I don't want my skirt to be too tight around my thighs.)
The fabric is folded in half- so I cut my measurement in half but added back an inch for my seam.
I also measured how long I wanted this skirt plus an inch for the hem.
I stitched up the back seam (so it would lay flat and not bubble over my butt), and then folded over the top- to make a casing for the elastic.
I measured my waist and that was the length of the elastic to this measurement.
Super simple skirt!
Fast and straight stitches- right in my comfort zone!

Cute-  but maybe too much in my comfort zone?
I mean... I want to learn to sew.. using patterns.
So my next project is going to be with a pattern! (gulp)
There! I've committed myself!

Here I am at work.  I am trying to be better about taking pictures out and about-
and not sneaking around in bathrooms snapping pictures.
(But no promises- you might see more pictures in bathrooms.
You've been warned.)

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