Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adorable BELT from a TIE?

Finally- I am playing with ties!
This was one of my first ideas... when I started this blog.

Here I am wearing it to work...
I really like the idea of a tie for a belt- but does it look homespun?? or just flat out strange??

Here is my tie-
ready to be made into something new- and adorable.
And two belt rings.
( I cut the old belt off- and made my headband-- you can see that HERE.)

Cut your tie- to the length you would like... and keep the fAT end to make your rose.

Fold over the belt rings and sew.
Then finish your cut edge-- by folding and sewing.

Next open up the FAT side of the tie-- and make a square piece of fabric.
(if you fold a triangle and cut the excess off... it makes a square.)

Then turn the fabric- right sides together and sew up two sides... (but don't back stitch- you are going to pull threads to gather into a Rosebud.)

Then turn it right-side out... and gather - by pulling one thread.
push the tip of the top of the "mountain"- into itself... and it makes a rose... see?

turn it over and I hand stitched the back together and shut.
It's not rocket science--- it doesn't have to look great either.
Then I placed it on my belt and hand stitched it to the belt.
 SEW simple!

I'll let you decide. if this belt is adorable or not.

I ultimately decided against this look (at my age) but younger gals might be able to pull this off!

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