Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wardrobe Architect

Revolutionary Idea!
Taking inventory of all your clothes.
This was a challenge from the Wardrobe Architect. Why clean out your closet- with no plan.
Click HERE you have to read- and she has a free template to do your own Closet Inventory!

I really liked how she suggested, taking inventory of how I spend my time. Do my clothes reflect this accurately? For example, if 80% of my wardrobe is dresses... do I wear dresses 80% of my time?

I texted my sister this idea- and she said, she would need a lot more pajama's. lol

It got me thinking though.
I use to run every day (when we lived in Hawaii). REALLY! Every Day!

I don't run in Utah as much. More in the spring/summer...less in the fall and not at all in the winter. WHY? I looked at my wardrobe, and don't have any warm running clothes. All my exercise clothes are T-shirts and shorts. No wonder I don't exercise when it is cold? It's not rocket science and it's not that I am lazy...

I don't have the proper clothes! duh
So that simple concept- made me a believer.

I am going to take inventory of my clothes. Then I will really know what I have, what I have enough of, and where the holes are in my wardrobe.

 (I already know I have enough skirts & dresses.  I love buying them... I don't know why. I even like sewing them.. but I don't wear them very often. I wear them more in the Spring/Summer... only on Sundays in the Fall/Winter.)

I picked a 3-day weekend to tackle this project.
It was a TASK- going through all my clothes. (Kinda made me sick to my stomach a little- to be honest.) But it was so good for me! In a therapeutic kind of way.

I made a pile of clothes I want/need to tailor/fix/mend
Made me sort through and pull out clothes I really don't love... why keep them? I have so many other things?

And forced me to face the fact: I should NOT be sewing dresses and skirts! I need to make, pants-shorts- jackets, etc... casual tops.


  1. That is a good thing to do, especially when you go through the work to sew for yourself. I try not to sew things I won't wear, but it does happen. I wear skirts to work most days of the week, even in winter (boots! tights!), so I sew up a lot of skirts. I need more blouses for work, though, and luckily I have fabric for it!

  2. Stacy! Thanks for stopping by. This concept has really helped me plan sewing projects that are needed!