Friday, February 14, 2014

Cute Stylist

I found this picture on Pinterest- in my search for professional work attire- that is classical. I love the yellow shoes- and I could wear this outfit interpreting!

Blue/grey suit- on the wish list.
Mustard Flats- I have been looking for some... but I guess this fashion phase is long past.

As I have been "researching" on line- for sewing tips and inspiration, I found a cute blogger at has been very inspirational- as far as my work outfits. (That is her niche.)

She layers, she combines colors/textures, etc..
She occasionally thrifts and tailors clothing... very classy and classic looks.
(My goal this year.)

She has an amazing collection of coats! (Trench type) I am thinking I need to get a trench in a cute color. (I bought my current winter coat in Hawaii- when I learned we were moving back to the mainland. It was $15- has kept me warm... but it is black. NOT a fun color.)

She gives other great tips- like Here she shares how to tie belts.
My boys always roll their eyes- when I try to wear a belt over my sweater or shirt. I could use a little mentor in this area. lol

Monday I will be posting my Project Sewn project. We were suppose to be inspired by SHOES. It was a fun challenge.

happy valentines day!

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