Monday, May 5, 2014

Thrift Store: Kelly Green Shirt

The flash on my camera made this green shirt light up neon- it is not this obnoxious. It is a happy Kelly green.
I bought this shirt at that 1/2 off sale at my favorite thrift store.
This shirt is XL, but I really liked the color- so I looked forward to resizing it and structuring it.

It's amazing what a bow can do
I had great expectations for this green blouse. I really really really want a shirt like this- with a fantastic bow!

I tried slimming down the sides- first. I tried it on- saw I needed about an inch off each side and stitched accordingly.

It was really long- so I cut off the bottom- thinking I could make it a cute peplum. (In hindsight- this was a big MISTAKE- stick to the inspiration picture! But I didn't- I switched gears half way in.)
I cut the collar off also- because I want a cute bow.

I thought I had- thought this through... but a peplum bottom AND a bow.. is a bit much. Especially because If I am going to wear it as a peplum- I need to wear a belt to hide the buldge where the buttons line up.

See how it kinda puckers? The bow is cute-  right? It isn't as big and flouncy as the inspiration picture. But I was thinking about bows and interpreting. I can't have anything too big and bulky. I touch my chest and gesture near my chest and face a bunch- so I don't want anything that might snag on my hands.

Here's my refashioned green/bow shirt- with my skirt I made from a pattern!
I know how much people enjoy seeing heads in pictures- so I asked my 8 year old to take a picture. A bit fuzzy. Naturally I couldn't find the bow! (As of now, I pin in on when I want it- because I kinda like the mandarin collar when I wear it out like a peplum shirt.)
 I am going to get my husband to take a picture of me- but I just wanted you to see the photography talent I live with.
Do you wonder why I take bathroom headless shots?
Wonder no longer.
In the end- I deemed this a DIY Failure- it looks very homespun.
That is not the goal/look I am going for.
I want classy.
something that doesn't draw attention- or need endless tucking in.
The shirt, because I cut it, won't stay tucked in.
I am disappointed because... I do love the color and think it would have been a great
blouse in my work wardrobe.
So the lesson learned: stick to the inspiration photo.
See it through- don't "improvise" on a whim and cut.
I can't take the peplum off- because that leaves the shirt too short now.
It's sad, but now this happy Kelly Green shirt sits in my RIP pile.
I keep all these, in hopes I will be able to use parts of them in another project.
If not- I think at the end of the year, I will make a scrap quilt out of the pieces.
ya know my motto:

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