Friday, July 4, 2014

Sew Old School

So- I thought this whole, up-cycling and reconstructing clothing was so new!
A new concept for a generation more aware of reduce-reuse-recycle- how naïve of me!

Of-course not! duh- is how I feel now.
I found a blogger at Of Dreams and Seams who has a couple of original German Pattern Magazines from the 1940's! How amazing is that! She says in each copy there is a page- of refashioning ideas!

They certainly had to use all the resources they could get their hands on. In this example, they suggest using an old long-sleeve blouse on which the collar, buttons, underarms and cuffs are torn up and turn it into this cute short-sleeve version, for which you can cut away all the problematic areas...

They even provide the pattern and show you how you best lay it out on the old piece of clothing (bottom of the page):
I hope Of Seams of Dreams will share more of these vintage ideas. Here is her recreation of this 1940's blouse. So sew cute!

You can click HERE to her tutorial. WARNING: her blog banner is a bit creepy looking- I am not sure what that is about. I am trying to look past that, because she shares amazing ideas. I like to look for the good in others, find the similarities and accept we are all different. But ... hum... yeah- every time I go there... my stomach turns. Just to warn you.

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