Wednesday, September 8, 2010

floral belt

I had this headband
and while I loved the idea
I did feel like- it wasn't age appropriate.

I felt like one of those babies with a big flower bow in her hair.

But I loved it so much
(I even bought a brown flower one too)

And while I loved it- I never had the nerve to wear it outside the house... much.. I might have worn it out once or twice.

So I thought I would cut off the flower- since it was just attached with hot glue and felt.

and make an accessory to add to a belt.

This dot felt piece is to keep the flower pedals together

This rectangle piece is to slide the belt through...

I wore this little accent today- while on my weekly date with my husband.
Teds Bakery (north shore)- is super yummy!
I love the idea-- I recognize this isn't a "homerun" look. I think making a belt with ribbon would take this project up a notch. (there wouldn't be a belt buckle to have to try and hide.)

No Sew-- just be careful with the hot glue gun.

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