Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Choose to SHINE

Okay- this may seem silly
but every year I make new years resolutions......

(that isn't the silly part- wait for it.... wait for it....)

Three years ago I realized after reading journals from when I was 8 years old, each journal began in January with my new years resolution...
and every year
my goals were the SAME!

It had been 30 years and I was still working on
Not biting my nails
pray regularly
read my scriptures regularly
exercise more

you get the idea.
I was very discouraged!
I decided
that year
I wasn't going to have any goals

and ironically
that was the year I finally
stopped biting my nails down to the nubbins--- ( I still bite them, instead of clipping them) But I have white on my nails! And they look normal! (Like I am NOT a nail biter.)

I also started exercising regularly
(3-5 times a week running or walking- I started out walking because I was really out of shape.)

and I started reading my scriptures and saying prayers regularly.

isn't that ironic?
I think mentally- I was so completely disappointed in myself that I forced myself to "grow up" and step up my efforts to finish these goals I've had for 30 years!!!

Okay- that wasn't even the silly part--- "just sad/ in a pathetic kind of way" part of my story.

Since that epic year- The Year I decided NOT to make a specific list of goals.
I've decided to have a theme or motto for the year.

and naturally it has to rhyme- that is the silly part. (sorry for it to be so anti-climatic)
so last year was
SHINE in 2009

Shine meaning- develop my talents and SHARE my talents.
Don't be afraid to share the talents I am trying to develop.
I think I was waiting for some point of proficiency...
like ... I'm not good enough yet to ... do... xyz...
Instead I was challenging myself to step up to the plate- and get in the game.
stop being a bystander watching others going and doing....
I am not a natural leader-
I shy away from those types of roles.
I don't like to be in the spotlight...
(don't be like that- learn wisdom in your youth..)

God gives us so many opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills. (Serving as Beehive President, or counselors, or secretaries)
The Personal Progress Program with 10 hour projects, giving talks in church and callings...
There are scriptures too- that encourage us to
" Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father in Heaven".
The young women logo is a torch- the light of Christ in all of us.
Have you noticed that?
Last year was a good year...
I did step up and out of my comfort zone-
I over came some fears...
and chose to SHINE.
You choose too- because you are a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves you - and you are brilliant and bright- so shine!

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