Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Spent Hour of YOUR DAY!

I've started interpreting (again) at BYU-H.
I am a sign language interpreter- for one religion class- Teachings of the Living Prophets.
You might hear alot about this class. The professor is a sweetheart from England- serving a mission here in Hawaii teaching religion.

When I interpret... the information usually goes in my ears and out my hands. I have a really hard time remembering details... so please forgive me that I don't have the reference for this idea. (I think he was quoting Steven Covey- but I might be wrong.)

Anyway- he was advising the students on how to balance life and school studies. And this is the advice by... ???

"Start your day dedicated to
20 minutes exercise
, 20 minutes to meditate (pray and read scriptures)
and 20 minutes to plan your day.
If you do- that one hour will make the other 23 hours more productive. "

How many times have I thought, "I don't have time to exercise today, I just can't fit that in"?
Not so many times lately- I've worked in that time... but it is easier for me now... all my kids are in school.
But I remember that was a real problem and discouraging as a student and young mother.

20 min- I probably procrastinate making dinner 40 min... why not procrastinate while I exercise? (even if it is just put some music on and walk up and down the stairs? Actually- while I transfer loads of laundry up and down the stairs... I'm not just double tasking but TRIPLE tasking- if you count the procrastinating... )

You get my point. Make it work.
Since I've been doing this....

(I've been doing this--even before I heard this awesome quote)

But since I've been doing this- I have noticed I do have more productive days- and my mind seems more clear. I am able to see what needs to get done and not get so overwhelmed by everything that could/should get done.

Baby steps... make it a goal.
Let me know- the benefits you find from following this idea of the best spent hour of your day.

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