Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where are you planted?

This month- our young women are focusing on Choice and Accountability.

I have read a few books that have talked about the power of our attitude.
Stand for Something by Gordon B Hinckely
Be Your Best Self by Monson
Good To Great by Jim Collins
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey.

I highly recommend each book- maybe later in the month I'll post reviews.

But basically- Life happens.
Bad things happen to everyone
Everyone has trials and struggles- even the people who we think have the perfect lives--- have challenges.

That is the one guarantee in life- you will be challenged.
Once you accept that
and stop looking for the easy way or path...
and stop wishing your situation was different
Stop feeling sorry for yourself

you can start growing.

One of my favorite sayings on this topic is "Bloom where you are planted".

Don't make excuses to why you are not reaching your full potential

I love this picture of the flower in the dry dirt.
It doesn't look like the ideal situation- dry, dusty bit of ground-a lonely little flower.

But when it was a seed- it had the potential to be a flower and it knew it.
It took advantage of the opportunities around it and reached it's potential.

So look around you- what opportunities are right in front of you?
For me- hockey season is going to start.
Which means over a two hour round trip drive in the car with my kids.
That drive use to be a big thorn in my side
I use to dread it ALL DAY
It use to make me grumpy and grumbly
Then I thought- okay- accept it.
How can I use those 2 hours a day... what opportunity does it provide?

Now- my kids and I enjoy listening to book on CD those 2 hours
We sing songs, quiz on multiplication math facts, help each other memorize vocabulary words, (Spanish words - now my son is taking Spanish)

What has changed?
my attitude

and now- those sometimes are the MOST productive 2 hours of my day!

So I encourage you- don't wait for your situation to change.
Sometimes- it is what it is.
But look for an opportunity to grow amid your challenges.

Another quick example- from high school
I didn't have a car
I shared a car with my two older siblings- so
I was low on the totem pole when it came to actually having the car to get to and from a summer job.

At first I was really discouraged
job opportunities near my house were limited.
(An Asian food store & 7-11 type shopping area)
My best friends (twins) suggested we be life guards-
I was curious as to HOW they planned getting to and from the pool
that was maybe 6 or so miles away each day.
(There dad worked and their mom was paralyzed/confined to a wheel chair)
They were going to run.
Both ways
So we did.
It was great- not only did that open up more opportunities to work
WE were in GREAT shape in the Fall when Cross Country practice started up.
The Twins - were not just my best friends in High School
they were great examples of finding ways to overcome obstacles - to reach their goals.
Okay- I've got to run
GO AND make good Choices!


  1. love this...and need this. Thanks, you're always an inspiration!

  2. amanda- you are so sweet- and always my number one supporter!