Thursday, September 9, 2010

We have the ability....

Continuing my study of Choice and Accountability~

I looked up Agency in a little book titled: True to the Faith p 12.

I really like this quote,

" We have the ability to choose righteousness and happiness

regardless of circumstances".

That goes along with my last post about "blooming where you are planted" and looking for opportunities around us.

It is MY responsibility to develop my talents.

We are accountable for what we do with our gifts (and how we use our time).

It is so important that we don't idle away our time.

One of my neighbors is an amazing musician- as a hobby. (It is one of my friends- husbands) He has a small band that plays at community events and he plays multiple instruments. One day- I over heard him talking about how he learned to play the piano- his first instrument.

He said when he was growing up- his family didn't even have a piano. But that didn't stop him from learning how to play. When he started seminary in high school- he would go extra early while the teacher was still setting up and practice on the church piano.

I think about my own desires to learn how to play the piano- I've always joked that my parents gave up with my older sister and gave the piano away before I ever had a chance to learn.

But - it just goes to show- if I really was dedicated and WANTED to learn how to play, I could have found a way.

Don't put off learning and developing a talent you are interested in.

We have the ability to choose..... regardless of our circumstances.

Don't give that power away and let your circumstances limit you!

Now I am off to "go and do"... enough talk... it's time to walk the walk!

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