Monday, September 20, 2010

Explore your inner Fashionista!

Shabby Apple- is having a dress design contest.
Check it out here.

I love the concept and goal of Shabby Apple- their goal is to create and provide modest/fashionable clothes for (young) women.

I love that they give consumers (you and me) an opportunity to design one of their dresses! How cool is that!

Be sure to check out the details HERE.

** if you don't have a blog- don't fret. I will be happy to post your dress sketch/idea on this blog for you. just email me your dress design with the required information. ( your idea of what kind of fabric and colors your dress would be made out of ... )

Then it will be up to YOU to click on the post title
go up to the http: address bar and copy
and paste the blog post address to YOUR dress...
and then you email Shabby Apple at:
I'm off to sketch!

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