Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sew Simple skirt pattern!

So I stumbled upon a really adorable person in the blog-sphere.

Her name is Stephanie and she lives in Arizona- I think.

Here she is modeling how to use ribbon as a belt.

Pretty adorable- no? That is an easy accessory!

Here is a picture of a sew simple skirt for she and her daughter made together.
you can find a free- pattern {here}

there is a better picture at Stephanie's site: it's a cute elastic waist skirt.

I've asked Stephanie to guest post some of her ideas.

She is amazing- I've crusied her blog and she knows how to sew!
plus she is a delight and enjoys her life

- I love reading blogs written by genuine people.

Here is her tutorial on how to hem jeans- very clever!

Let's cross our fingers and hope she wants to be friends.

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