Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Inspiration for Sew Simple

You might have seen this gal already
(on yahoo news... or the Nate Show)
She made a goal to restyle 365 dresses in 365 days and her budget is $365 dollars.

I've been following her blog for about a month-- she is almost done with her goal.
Amazing on so many levels-----
one- that she stuck with a goal for 365 days... daily
two- that she is able to make cute things out of some really sad dresses
three- her creativity... sometimes she wears the dress backwards!
Just the things she thinks of ..
So she is actually the gal who inspired me to sew simple.
That altering clothing doesn't have to be rocket science....
It can be done... with simple sewing skills.
I really like her clear goal- with budget!

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