Thursday, October 7, 2010

Easy Handbag

Okay- Megan is genius!

Here she made this cute -carry-all out of a TANK TOP!!

and not even "so sew easy" because it is NO sew!

she just turns the tank inside out- gathers the bottom of the tank with an elastic... turns it right side out and uses the arm holes as the shoulder straps....


and totally adorable~

(Just a word of warning: if you visit Megan's site. She is not LDS- so some of her ideas and fashions don't comply with LDS standards. Some might think I should only share ideas from women of our faith. But for me, personally, I like having friends/connections with women of different beliefs. (They keep me on my toes.)
And after all- don't we try to seek after anything praise worthy and of good report. (13th Article of Faith)
Megan has a handful of great ideas- I can learn from.
I want to praise her for her ideas that we share in common... thrift and frugality.
I would love this site to be a missionary opportunity to build friendships with like-minded (young)women across many faiths.)

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