Friday, February 21, 2014

Signature style

Okay- I am so my MOTHER!
When I was a teenager- I was rummaging around my mother's closet to wear something- and I realized she only had Navy Blue dresses! ( Like- 14 different Navy Blue Dresses!) I made fun of her and suggested she branch out.

I went to the fabric store to pick out a pattern and such for this weeks challenge.
(I was trying to be thrifty-  Interlock fabric was 40% off and McCall patterns were on sale again for $1.99. That was my perameters for my selection.)

I picked out Navy Blue fabric.
(Haven't I already documented- I own a lot of BLUE already??)

Whatever- from here on out- I am going to be more thoughtful with my sewing projects.
Also- I am going to make more quality projects and not quantity. I don't need a closet full of mediocre articles of clothing. A few, well made, well tailored pieces would be my goal.

Here is a peek at  next  Monday Project Sewn project.
I can't tell you - how great participating in this link party- has helped challenge me to sew!

Also on the topic of Colors and me thinking of colors.

Wardrobe Architect shared her favorite colors HERE

I have to say- I am drawn the exact same colors!
I just had to laugh! The only 3 colors I would omit: Mint, Warm tan, Blush.
Other than that! Those are exactly the colors in my closet! It was nice to see them all together- and help me see... I DO have a color range.

If you haven't visited Wardrobe Architect yet- you should!
So many great ideas and assignments on how to create a wardrobe that reflects YOU- individually!

And please-- please wont you play along in July? Think about it!
It is exactly 6 months away! Plenty of time to put something together! click HERE to learn more.

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