Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project Sewn: Blue Dress Success!

This week's challenge at Project Sewn- was to sew something that was our strength.
Since I am new to sewing- I don't consider myself as having many sewing strengths.
I learned a great tip on this project.
Don't cut your fabric out- while watching the Olympics!
I wanted to alter/tailor the pattern to my body.
My measurements said I was a size 8 top and 12 bottom.
(I am a classic pear)
I started cutting- and the dots and dash lines that distinguish the different sizes- became blurred.
Who knows what I cut! But I know the top layer was cut smaller than the back layer.
Since the fabric is a interlock knit, I thought it might be forgiving enough- to proceed with the project. (Even if the side seams aren't going to lay- exactly CENTER on my sides because the back part of my dress is wider and longer than the front side of my dress.) lol
Here is the finished version.
Can you see it "bubbling" on the right.. on my hip? Yeah I need to work that out.
I don't plan to wear this dress- without a sweater or jacket over it. I just wanted to show you the finished dress- without embellishments.
I love the color combo of Royal Blue and Light Blue/Turquoise.
(I've had this belt for probably 4 years- and have NEVER worn it. This is why I have a hard time getting rid of anything... because I just might wear it- ya never know! )
I didn't really wear this outfit with the scarf.
( I mean- Yeah- I wore it outside with my coat..
but I took the scarf off with my coat, when I was working.)
but I wanted to show you.... these are my favorite colors and color combination.
I am drawn to these colors! They make me happy!
And I just have to show you a close up of the neckline- Great job on the top stitching - if I do say so myself!

Now.. I need to fiddle more with the bubbling side seam... sort that out so it lays flat. But over all.. I am very pleased with my first dress sewn!

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  1. This is a beautiful dress and amazing "first" dress. Great job! :)