Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brown Version

These cozy - knit/stretch dresses are so trending now!
I can't wear stripes at work- but I love, love ... love this time of dress.
But why buy one... for $30 when you can make one for about $12?

That cute blue dress (can see HERE)-- was so easy, so comfy and so fast to sew!
So I made a second!
It's just brown.
kind of boring.
When I bought the fabric- I thought maybe that was too safe?
(I really like patterns- but I am gun shy- in picking out a patterns. Especially one that will work- at work, as an ASL interpreter.)

I am glad I made a solid brown dress.
It is a neutral - that will look great with many of my cardigans.
I can see wearing this and the blue dress a lot!
Did I mention how comfy it is?
It's like wearing cozy pajama's to work! Except- I don't look like I am wearing pajama's.

I cut the dress- exactly the same as the blue dress. (YES! the front is cut smaller than the back- lol)
Besides that goof-up,  I had modified the pattern to accommodate my smaller top half-- to my larger bottom half...
This time- when the pattern with fabric was cut out...
I placed the top piece over the bottom and lined up the silhouette's. I made sure they were the same. (trimmed where the shapes didn't match up)
That took care of the bubble- problem I had with the blue dress.
 (so glad I figured out the problem.)
Sleeves are the same as the blue dress.
So cute! I love this pattern. But I am going to limit myself to 2 dresses.
I feel like I have conquered this pattern.
(I might make another one in the future- a striped dress? Wouldn't that be fun for summer?)
I need to move on... continue on my path- of learning how to sew.
Buttons next! (gulp)
Ready or not...
Here I come!

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