Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Color Me Challenge: Work

Okay- I belly ache enough about what to wear to work. (as I interpret)
I thought I would show you what I usually wear.
please try not to fall asleep
Here is one outfit- Navy Blue shirt with khaki pants.
Here's another outfit- Brown shirt with khaki pants.

Then I might pair Khaki's with a sweater- if it is really cold. (which in the winter- it usually is...)
You get the idea... very basic.
But after playing with my Navy colors- I thought maybe I'll add this light purple to the navy blue sweater... it adds something...

You have to admit: it is a challenge- because I can't wear light colors, prints on my top half, no distracting scarfs, earrings, necklaces, bracelet's, etc.. ( I changed sweaters- this one was less bulky/ box shaped.)

That is why I am thinking BELTS might be what I should focus on.
??? and better color combos...
Here's another outfit from work:
I like my blues and greys- what can I say?

Here are some cute ideas from pinterest.

This looks effortless too- classic shapes.
Okay... I'm off to search on pinterest!

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