Friday, January 17, 2014


I just got my copy of The Chic Girl's Guide to One-of-a-kind Wardrobe by Kristina Clemens.
Sign me up for the sequel!

I am giddy. Because I have been attempting to restyle fashion my clothes for years! (with not much satisfaction- I should add.) But I lack a lot of the knowledge about clothes construction and sewing skills- so my refashioned items looked very home spun.

Kristina has the skill set I lack. She truly understands  how clothes are constructed and walks the reader through the process of evaluating if a garment is a good candidate for being restyled or not.

She has great advice about fabric colors too. Which colors are easier to match and which are impossible.
If you have set the goal to alter your clothes- this is a must have book- in my opinion.
I am so so happy I splurged to buy the book.

If you have an interest in tailoring your own clothes- this is a great book to have in your back pocket!
I am so glad I bought it! Really.

It's not a typical DIY book- full of craft projects.
It really feels like a cheat-sheet to professional tailoring secrets, that a normal person would have to go through years of schooling to learn... but Kristina has written the cliff notes!

I am in love with the book- and love that some of my garments in my queue-- fit many of the projects she illustrates.

I can't wait to try some of her techniques!

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