Monday, January 20, 2014

Rest in Peace: Work Pants

Oh dear Peeps. Mondays I had hoped to show off cute finished projects.

I hate to tell you..
but today we are gathered to mourn the loss of :

This pair of bell bottom work pants. (sniff sniff)
I had such high hopes for these cute pants.
They fit great at the waist- but just flared too wide at the bottom.

My plan:
Take an existing pair of pants that fit and cut down the shape of the work pants.
As you can see- they were a bit too big!

My mistake in hindsight- I should have grabbed another pair of slacks and NOT JEANS.

I didn't think about that- until I had already cut up one leg. I thought- maybe it would still work- (fingers crossed) because the work pants fabric has a stretch to it.

So I proceeded. Because I'm no quitter!
I decided to sew up the in seam, instead of taking the bulk off the outer leg.. that is much simpler than having to deal with the waistband and such. Good decision- right? And I think my sewing process was sound... just I used the wrong article of clothing to use as my "pattern".

As you can see-- the fit is VERY fitted- you can see way too much of my pear/saddle bags- nothing left for the imagination.

Casualty Count: 1

We knew this would happen from time- to- time. But what is important is we learned a great lesson.
Hopefully sharing my loss of my Work Pants- will help spare you and other work pants in the future.

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