Friday, January 24, 2014

Color: Part One

Kristina has a blog post about Color Scheming.
I am clue-less about this so I tagged it as a tutorial I wanted to read-think-experiment with more.

She always looks amazing- but effortlessly put together! How is that possible? Because she knows how to combine color.

After reading her post- I realized I needed a refresher course on the color wheel. (lol)
I grabbed this from a great website (click here) at the Virtual Instructor.
She created this wheel to teach students about complimentary colors. Just what I need!

The Virtual Instructor has this color wheel too. I like it because it shows more shades of these colors.
So my goal by next Friday-  is to post some outfits, NEW outfit combinations, I've created thinking about color schemes.

Feel free to play along! Contact me with your combinations! (laurabethblum(at) Make sure to put in the subject header: Color Scheme.


  1. Hi Laura,

    You are so brave to post your mistakes! It helps you and others learn from them. I love your writing style too. We are kindred spirits in that I absolutely can't stand modeling my clothes for the exact same reason but... I have learned to get over it, grit my teeth and smile for the camera! This is odd for me because I am so outgoing in person. Your head shot is cute. Learn from me, you gotta try going full face because your readers want to relate to a real person and see it in it's full glory. Believe me, early on I tried just taking pics of my dress form and the response is just not the same. My readers wouldn't let me get away with it! LOL! Keep it coming...

    1. Mary! Thanks for visiting! And thanks for the words of encouragement... I need it!