Monday, January 27, 2014

Past Project: Christmas skirt

Here is a project I did before Christmas. (See? I've been doing this, or have been thinking about refashioning clothes- long before I set my goal this year. It has been on my mind!)
 I took these before I actually thought I would be blogging about my sewing projects.

I wanted to show you some of my past projects- so you can see some good examples of my starting point.

I found this really cute skirt at DI- right before Christmas.
Unfortunately it was a size 18 and I am normally an 6-8-10 (depending on the brand of clothing.)

Cute - Right? (I warned you before- I have a closet full of clothes that don't fit me.)
Another bonus was- this skirt was right in my price point.
I loved that this skirt didn't not have an elastic waistband. Instead it has a side hidden zipper.

I played with different ways to take it in.
Here I just folded it to one side.
I thought I could add some buttons on the waist for decoration.. and leave the excess fabric... like a mock wrap skirt.

I thought about this type of fold... with the skirt folded to the center... but that seemed a bit too retro to me. It brought too much attention to my bottom half. I don't know- I just didn't like it.

I've seen (and liked) maxi skirts with stripes like this- but this is not that type of skirt.

I ended up folding it- like the first idea.
I wanted to add buttons- but my button holes were a HOT mess. Then I remembered- I don't need functioning button holes- the skirt has a side zipper. (duh)
So I just placed buttons over my hot mess mistake.

I love it and have worn it a dozen times this season.
I've worn it with black tops, brown tops and grey. Red might be an obvious choice- but ironically I don't have any red tops.

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