Friday, January 31, 2014

Color Challenge: Navy Blue

So I have been thinking about this idea of color schemes.
I feel very dumb.

I searched some more sites- trying to wrap my brain around these concepts.
I found this site VERY very very helpful. (

I was getting kinda overwhelmed at the task of looking- analyzing all my clothes.
So I decided to pick a color range to work with. I like Navy Blue- I own a lot of it. (mostly jeans) So I thought I would start there.
I found all my Navy blue items (4 sweaters, 2 jackets, 1 dress, 2 shirts, 4 skirts)
Then I grabbed the colors next to blue on the color wheel.
I have two purple shirts ( that I rarely wear- almost never.)
I have 2 turquoise shirts, two turquoise sweaters (I wear a lot with jeans or khaki pants)
I have two green sweaters and one skirt
Those were my players today.
I am going to post FIRST in the line up- my normal outfit for church or whatnot.
 Then the next photos in the same row are NEW outfit combinations.

(Normal)                             Never thought about these two. (Last one I could even wear interpreting!!)
I actually bought
this all together.

I normally don't wear this dress- but by itself. I think I got out of the habit of "layering" while we lived in Hawaii for 8 years. Once I saw that green sweater over the blue dress-- I fell in love with that dress all over again! What a gem I had hidden in my closet!
Look how cute it looks!


This is another snooze outfit of mine.

(Sorry about the lighting- the sun was setting. There was GREAT light for about 30 min.)
Here are two new options for this cute skirt!

I also didn't realize what a gem this green sweater is! I honestly only (use) to wear it with that one skirt. Look how cute it is with this skirt!
And I love the look of denim jacket and skirt.. how cute is that?

Here is a snoozer outfit I normally wear with this skirt. (on the left)
Remember the cute outfit I just created?

Did you notice that of all the outfits I posted- only a handful I could wear to work? I love white shirts! I need fashion counseling  therapy about a work wardrobe.

The good thing about this exercise is... you see where the holes are in your wardrobe. Belts- I am lacking and cardigan sweaters are delightful! I want about a million more- after I saw the transformation of that one dress!

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