Monday, February 3, 2014

Fashion Icon Challenge

I never never NEVER find these types of challenges, while they are happening. I was so excited two days ago when I saw Ladybird post about this Project Sewn challenge that was starting today!
I just had to play along.
I am determined to fashion a working/functional wardrobe. I am not going to keep clothes I don't love- anymore! Life is too short. ( And my closet too small ..HA!) So I am being fearless this year. I am reconstructing my clothes to fit me and be fashionable... or it is being destroyed in the process ... and can no longer hang in my closet.
Today, the challenge was be inspired by a fashion icon.
I picked Kate Middleton.
I love this color palette. Baby blue and brown. So cute right?
I have a brown skirt- that I love. I thought I would try to make a cute baby blue top inspired by this blazer.
I don't have a cute blue blazer- but I did have a baby blue linen dress. (That I loved, back in the day, before I got rust stains on the skirt. I haven't worn it in years. But haven't been able to toss it.)
I seam ripped the sleeves off and cut some length off.
Then using a tip from Kristina's book/blog- I cut new sleeves. (I want longer sleeves.)
Things were going along... fine. The sleeves turned out! That was a happy moment in the project.
I wasn't too happy about the shape of the shirt. It is looking pretty maternity.
So, I thought I would move along to the detail- that I loved from Kate's jacket. The brown collar.
I had some brown/tapestry type of fabric- and added to the collar of this shirt.
I'll let you judge for yourself.
This project turned out pretty home-spun.
This is pretty bad... but I just had to laugh. I wanted to play along so bad on the Project Sewn Challenge... but I am a DIY baby. I am still learning. Kristina warns in her book- that when adding elements to clothes- they need to look like they belong. This collar- sticks out. I mean, if the shape wasn't so horrible- I maybe could save this shirt by adding brown big buttons, etc.. but I am tossing in the towel. The shape is just too wrong- for what look I was going for.
Lesson learned? Shape matters!
My husband did a double take- from watching the super bowl and said, "That's not your blue dress-- is it? I LIKED that blue dress!"
ah. yeah...
There are going to be casualties in this "learning to sew" goal.
(I didn't hem the sleeves-) But I am proud that I was able to alter/modify the sleeves.  (If I am trying to see the positive side of this DIY failure.)
I can't wait to see everyone's amazing creations for this challenge!
casualty count: 2
Kristina said she had about 37 clothing items die in her learning process. I am giving myself an even 40. If I learn to sew, and create a wardrobe I love and loose less than 40 items of clothing... I will have done a good job.


  1. Glad you were able to sew along! I have quite a few items that are in my "only to be worn at home" drawer. It does take a lot of trial and error sometimes to get what you want. And I actually have an unfinished project that I'm giving up on! On to the next!

  2. April- Thanks for stopping by! And for your words of encouragement. yeah... I agree...sometimes it is best to know when to call it quits. So sweet of you to check me out! Thanks

  3. All the casualties are worth the learning!!! And it's nothing like the messes I've made! At least you were able to get in on the game!

    1. Jessica! Thanks for stopping by- it means a lot! I thought posting my failures, might help me see my growth-- when I DO start having some success in sewing. lol

  4. I'm sorry it didn't come out like you wanted, but can I just say that you have the BEST attitude for sewing?! I'm so glad you posted on PS so I could find you! =D

  5. Thanks kristi for taking the time to stop by and comment! It means alot. I am trying to laugh about the I don't quit and give up! I really want to learn to sew!

  6. Such a cute refashion. Love the end result!