Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Inspiration Obsession!

Look what you can do- when you can sew!
Kristina is amazing- I love this dress.

She bought two dresses from Wal-Mart's clearance rack to make this shirt dress. You have to go see Kristina's blog: (click here). To see how she restyles her wardrobe to make unique chic fashionable outfits.

She has even written a book!

I love Kristina's blog so much!
How amazing would it be to have her guide- holding my hand through amazing projects?

I know I said I was going to learn to sew-- on a budget.
But this might be a MUST avoid some DIY epic failures. (Don't you fret- I plan to post my failures along with my successes. Just to keep things real. lol)
I bought the book using some Christmas money- (so thank-you mom!)
I feel like - this is a MUST have- for my goal of 2014. I mean, she is living  my dream.

I would love to pull out of my closet- those clothes I bought- for whatever reason.. but leave me unsatisfied of the fit, form or fashion-- and turn it into something I want to wear every day!

Yes- sign me up.
That is the world I want to live in.

I also love that her restyled fashions are age appropriate for me- and modest.
That really sealed the deal.

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