Monday, January 6, 2014

Project: Peplum Finished.

So I just jumped in and took the plunge. I took  scissors to my cute black shirt and cut the bottom off of it!

(Well- first, I put it on and measured how much I wanted to take off. Where I wanted to peplum to start. I've seen some peplum shirts and the skirt part starts too high for my liking.)

I watched the youtube tutorial- thankfully I wasn't resizing the Tshirt too.
Natalie does a great job explaining how to turn a regular T- into a cute Peplum.

I got a moment of panic- because a wise woman would have practice on a not-so-favorite shirt first.
I warned you I am very impulsive.

I had to cut two shirts. The peplum skirt part came from a baggy t-shirt I bought from the target sale rack- $3! I didn't want to spend anything on this project.. I was going to use a different shirt, but they were different fabric. The second Tshirt was a thicker cotton.

 I thought ... $3 was worth it.
My goal was to have something wearable at the end.
And I knew- the old shirt just wouldn't look right or drape right.

The only thing I thought was missing from Natalie's tutorial was she didn't run a straight stitch and gather before adding the skirt part to the shirt. (To insure a nice even gather) So I added a straight stitch- you can see the light color bobbin thread.

um.. I guess lesson learned: jersey doesn't gather with a straight stitch?
My thread wouldn't budge at least. So I abandoned that idea and just pinned it as Natalie suggests.

I did like having that light stitch line to follow- as I zig-zagge these together..

 It turned out so cute! I can't wait to wear it to work!
This is a great beginners project!

I know...I know... I promised NO BATHROOM pictures..
but I really like these headless shots- I just wish the photos weren't such poor quality.

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