Tuesday, December 31, 2013

kitchen valence-

This is a project I made a year ago. (2012)
This is what I am talking about- my skill set is straight lines.
A very confident straight seamstress.

I really liked the colors on this curtain. I found it at home depot on sale!~ The only problem: They had one long panel and one valence. That was it. The print is a bit busy- so probably fate was protecting me- so I couldn't buy two long panels and have them flank my living room window.

Sometimes you have to listen to fate.

But I thought - this would be the perfect fabric for a valence over the sliding glass door in our kitchen space.

(Our house has one GREAT room. Our living room/ dining area/ and kitchen are all connected.) The fireplace and kitchen cabinets are dark coffee color and our couches are a deep plum/wine color. So I was looking for a fabric that would introduce some other colors into our pallet.

I used the one valence panel as a pattern to make the next. (Mostly just matching the length of the valence.) I used the existing curtain rod pocket at the top for one panel. Cut and then used the sewing machine to hem.

I measured and cut again-- and again-- for the last panel.
I even had enough left over to make some matching pillows for our couch!
I love how the project turned out. Matching the fabric- helps blend the two spaces in this large room.

I covered the pillows- by making pillowcases.
I don't know if you can tell.
It is really just a long pillowcase- and then I tuck the extra into itself to fit the pillow form.
I decided not to "finish" them, because I want to be able to take off the covers and wash them.

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