Monday, December 30, 2013

Project Journal

This images comes from (you can click here to see her review) (and learn where you can buy one for yourself)

I really like this idea of keeping a journal/log book of my projects.
Mainly to record the mistakes I make- so the NEXT time I attempt a similar project I wont repeat the same error.

For example: I might have a page that just records different techniques I've tried in placing a zipper! Or tricks I've tried to achieve the perfect button hole.

But I am sure every seamstress learns a lesson or two- with each project.
Perhaps a pattern brand that was easy to follow- or happens to fit better than another

Types of fabrics that are better to use for one project and not so fun to work with for another kind of project.

I love this idea so much- and doubly so- that I saw it BEFORE I really have begun my year of sewing! (It would be "classic Swirl" to find it 8 months into the goal and then have to try and recreate it.)

I don't have very many patterns yet- but I am sure I will be collecting a few. This journal has a section to log all your patterns.

That is brilliant! Especially since I learned a tip- that instead of buying a bunch of patterns to create a new dress... just mix and match your patterns... especially when you've already altered the old one to fit your measurements. (I can only dream- that I will get to that level of sewing!)

So- I am enjoying the last few days of 2013.. preparing myself to JUMP in with my sewing goals. That really is so unlike me.

Normally I JUMP first and then plan as I go- but we are out of town visiting my in-laws- far far away from my sewing machine. So it has forced me to think and prepare more.

I love it- wish I would do that more often... procrastinate my impulsiveness a bit more.

Anyway- I a great idea I wanted to share with fellow newbies.

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