Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let the FUN begin :Peplum Project

It's Jan 1st 2014!
I have been busy today- cleaning and re-organizing our Office so I have a work space for this years challenge.

I want to start with a project- that is not too complicated.
I am trying to set myself up for success.

A Peplum Shirt- made from a T-shirt.
I found a great tutorial on youtube- by Natalie. You can click here to see her simple process. If the link doesn't work. Search Youtube using the labels :DIY natalie creation.

FIRST: I made my Project Journal.
(Let's see if I can keep track of this- the entire year. I am notorious for starting journals, loosing journals, starting NEW journals, finding old journal- writing in two journals at the same time.. etc.. I am organizationally challenged to say the least.)

She has some amazing ideas of how to create cute clothes using T-shirts!

Here is my T-shirt I want to transform into a Peplum. It is cute-- with some upper sleeve details.

I want to dress it up a bit- so I can wear it to work.

Sorry for the washed out picture. I am experimenting with different locations in my house- hopefully I will find the perfect spot (and it wont be in my bathroom.)

Here's to Learning something New!

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