Friday, February 7, 2014

Little Red Dress: Resize

Stumbled upon this amazing: Re-designer.
How cute is she?
You can visit her on her blog Merricks Art. Here's the link to the tutorial about how she downsized this dress!

So amazing what you can do- when you know a bit about sewing and clothing construction!

What I love- is this process could take a few hours/ one day, while sewing a dress from scratch would take me a week at least, or month more likely.

I am working on my project for Mondays Project Sewn.
The theme for next week is "Think Pink".
I found some fabric on sale at Walmart and thought about making a cute skirt.

I love skirts with inset pleats. I thought it would be cute with contrasting fabric.
("I bit off more than I could chew" in attempting that. I can't alter patterns yet. I need to remind myself- babysteps! first learn how to sew with a pattern! lol)

To add insult to injury, the fabric scorched when I tried to iron it.
But to be honest- at this point I was questioning my skill in picking out fabric! I mean... flowers and polka-dots? Am I 5years old? When I watch project runway-- I am always amazed at how they can mix and match patterns. (I am not very confident at wearing any patterns- let alone mixing patterns!) What was I thinking???

Anyway- the casualty count goes up by one more.
This is like a twisted mystery novel... where one by one... guests die, or in my case articles of clothing are destroyed. I try not to get too discouraged...
Your supportive comments really help!

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