Sunday, February 9, 2014

Coral Sweater Re-style

So, the challenge for this week at Project Sewn is Think Pink!
I am not a "pink" person.
I went through a very short phase- of trying to wear pink, when I realized I was destined to be a mother of all boys! But it was short lived.

I realized - I like blue! I honestly do!

But after evaluating my wardrobe- I realized I did need more CORAL in my life. (look how amazing coral looks with blue and brown?? Kristina is so cute!)


I have a lot of blue.
I have a ton of turquoise.
I have too much black. ( I have actually banned myself from buying any more black in 2014)
I have a bunch of grey...

Coral is a happy color that looks smashing with all the colors I already own.

Kristina posted a cute idea for a sweater:  upcycle.
You can click HERE to read her tutorial.

So when I found this XL sweater from Christopher Banks at my local Thrift ... I thought I could do something simple with it- to tailor it to my size. (Sorry about the goofy face- but this is how I feel when taking pictures of myself- GOOFY.)

Then I found Kristina's idea to embellish a sweater- and I am sooo tempted to add these flowers.
I think they are so cute!
My only concern is.... is this fad already one foot out the door?

I am looking for more classic styles- that never go out of fashion.

I figured, I would work on the resizing and see if I even have any fabric available to add these embellishments. That might have to be the deciding factor.
I used a zig-zag stitch to resize the sides and arms to fit me.
I love it!
 and I am going to skip the flower embellishments. I don't have enough sweater scraps and I like how simple and classic this sweater is. I know it will be a new favorite staple in my wardrobe.

After last weeks- failure, it was nice to have something wear-able!


  1. I love the sweater and it looks great on you! I know what you mean about blue - I'm not really a pink person either. Turquoise is my favorite color, so my closet has various shades of turquoise and blue. I need some variety!

  2. Great way to repurpose! Turned out really cute!

  3. Great job! I love it when a quick zig zag down the side of a garment fixes it right up!