Thursday, November 4, 2010


Some of my friends are upset about SHADE clothing going out of business.

(It was an on-line store where you could buy modest dresses, shirts and most importantly- undershirts that make everything you wear modest.) Confession: I bought a dress and 2 shirts on their site 2 weeks ago- such a great sale! They did have some adorable things....

But don't panic! We have options- sisters!

To show what a small world we live in...

my freshman/college roommates-sister

has a clothing site called

Molly's Clothing

2 years ago or so... my friend called ... trying to spread the word about her sisters site.

So to support a sistah out... (or a friend's sistah in this case)

I bought two Molly's shirts-

The mini cami-- which is like a half shirt... great to wear under dresses and tops where you just need added covering up on top.

Then the classic cap sleeve shirt-- to wear under other shirts .. that might need coverage up top, and on the length at the waist.

I've loved both of them. They are having a few sales now too.

It will be hard to find an affordable replacement for Shade: their shirts and dresses were cute.

But for finding the undershirts .. we still have options.


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