Friday, October 22, 2010

Quote: James E Faust

I have a quote in my scriptures that I refer to from time to time by
James E Faust

"The Lord can do remarkable miracles with
a person of ordinary ability
who is humble,
and diligent
in serving the Lord
and seeks to improve himself."
I truly believe this.
So often in the scriptures it says,
if ye have the desire... ye are called to the work
Our desires play an important part.
We don't have to have the skills - to begin to do great things...
the Lord can work mighty miracles-- with our ordinary ability.
We just have to focus on
being humble/ teachable
trying to improve our self....
and then- once we do -- do something amazing..
be sure to give all the praise and credit back to the Lord.
That people can see our good works--- and glorify our Father in heaven...

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