Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project: Fishtail skirt

Okay- refashion designers are amazing!
It's like going to Costco with my sister. She'll say "Do you need ketchup?" When I look- I burst out  laughing at the enormous size container of ketchup. It's a joke that never gets old. And it surprises me every time!

I get the same sense of wonder- every time I see a master (refashion) designer blog! I've seen a million amazing transformations-- yet I still gawk at what they create from what they started with!

Let me show you!
This designer literally started with a kilt!
 She calls the back of the skirt detail- a "fish tale".

 I love it! I want to make this style of pencil skirt- perhaps in just a boring grey (to replace my favorite grey skirt of 14 years) or maybe I would go as crazy as a muted grey/blue.

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