Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know
I am a little late- on wishing everyone a happy new year.

I've been busy!
I made a totally adorable ruffle shirt- out of a T-shirt!

I found this idea HERE
she has great ideas on how to extend the life of clothing- especially for FAST growing young kids.

But my project was a white T-shirt...
actually it had a stain on the front too!
(because I really am just a big kid myself.)
I added a white ruffle down the front- but modified it a little.
My ruffles- only go half way down the shirt....
not all the way to the bottom seam.
It turned out REALLY cute.
Also I've been obsessed with flowers on shirts and sweaters.
We spent Christmas in Utah - where all things are FAD and FASHIONABLE and it seemed EVERYONE had some type of flower or ruffle shirt-- except me!

I'll post more-- later promise.

I just wanted to acknowledge-

It's a new year.I was a complete slacker - in December (as far as posting/blogging)

BUT I am back on board...
so let's dust off our Personal Progress books
and get crack-a-lacken!
So here I am - in the bathroom... taking a picture of my outfit... that I wore to interpret... (notice the ruffles on my shirt?).
I am interpreting a different class... so you will get pictures of different bathrooms now...
BUT- I snapped this quickly- and then realized there was SOMEONE IN THE BATHROOM STALL>>>
how creepy is that??...
to be using a bathroom and
hear a

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