Monday, July 11, 2011

flower accessory

So... sew.... SO sorry I haven't been bloggin!
I have been very good... on ... staying off the computer!

I challenged our family to an "un-plugged" summer.

This is actually a post I made months ago, when I was still interpreting. (My client went home for the Summer.)

Enjoy! have a great summer! And we'll resume in a few weeks!

So you know I am obsessed with all things floral and ruffly lately....

I wanted to make a flower ruffle shirt.. and started experimenting with different flower construction.

Here I made a simple pin- to add to a sweater.

I cut out individual pedals. (I folded the fabric multiple times and cut once... so they were all the same shape.)

Then I made a pedal chain.. by single stitching them together...(slightly overlapping them.)

I pulled the top string... to gather them closer together...

You could just use THAT as a flower... but I wanted something a little MORE...

So I made an additional flower... a rose

and added it on top.

This is the sweater and dress I made it for.

I think it adds just the right touch....

(now... just need to do my hair and make-up and I am ready to go!)

update: This is one reason why I bought Kristina's book!
I don't want my creations to look "homespun".

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