Wednesday, November 17, 2010



She is a Senior this year in High School and blogging

Mostly about fashion.

I stumbled upon her site- while googling about Shabby Apple...
(i am a little green with envy- some how she scored a free dress from them!)
I love her post about Natural Beauty.

She is a fashionista - if I ever met one.
i love all her ideas about layering and playing with patterns.
I am a very boring. I usually have a solid top, and a print skirt. Simple.

She wears prints and stripes and floral etc... all together and makes it look adorable
and effortless.

Here are her thoughts on pairing patterns-
"When mixing patterns the main thing to keep in mind is balance.
The patterns on the top are smaller than the pattern in the skirt
Also keep only one color pallet going on.
I use the belt to break up the patterns and help it not look too busy."

I'm going to ask her to guest post too...
i think she has a great eye for fashion... and I love that she raids her mom and sisters closets.

She also found a really cute headband at the BYU-provo floral shop...
I think we should try to re-create.

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